Review of Wilson Fat Shaft (Irons)

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Brett Burgess
Fat Shaft

Well constructed. Wilson did this club right. From top to bottom a great club.


I dropped 2 clubs to get the same length comparable to my old clubs. I now use a 9 iron where I used to use a 7 iron. These clubs hit the balls high, that makes it easier to hit greens. The Fat Shaft really keeps the shots going straight, I used to have a slight fade but now the ball goes straight. Sometimes, I can even get a little draw. Be careful, if you line up off line your shot might end up where you were aiming.


The only complaint I have about the clubs is appearance. After playing a couple of rounds with them there are slight marks on the face of the clubs where a ball made contact. You can not seem to clean them off.


These are great clubs, would like to test a set of Deep Red's if they are an improvement over these. I have shot my personal best round this year with the Fat Shafts.

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