Review of Wilson Staff DF-Y Combo set (Irons)


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Wilson Staff
DF-Y Combo set

Quality seems to be very good. No complaints.


I was quite impressed with the feel and performance of this half steel and graphite shaft iron set. The tip end is steel while the grip half is graphite. I don't usually hit any graphite shaft iron very well as the weight is so much lighter than my steel shaft irons. But I hit these half and half shaft irons very well.


The heads are VERY big compared to other irons I've tried, and look TOO big at address. Half and half shaft looks really weird.


I really didn't care for the LOOKS of this set of irons, and I'm not a fan of hybrid clubs. But while they may look too big and clumsy, they performed as well as most other irons I've tried out. I might not buy them due to not liking hybrids, but I'd recommend them to any golfer that does like a mixed set of hybrids and irons. They performed very well and felt good despite being over size heads. Might be the PERFECT set of irons for someone undecided about whether to get steel or graphite shaft clubs. Very easy to hit long and high.

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