Review of Winn DriTac AVS (Grips)

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Joe Golfer
DriTac AVS

Very good construction. Far better than some of the very early model Winn grips.And I was able to put two additional strips of tape under the grip (I prefer a mildly larger grip, but not as big as midsize models).Some of the earlier model Winn grips had what seemed to be a more narrow inner diameter, and the different than rubber material did not stretch well to accomodate even a mildly oversized shaft butt (a couple strips of extra tape).


This grip has a very soft feel to it, so you really feel like you don't want to grip the club tightly.It also truly is very tacky, living up to their hype.And for once, I have found a Winn grip that I believe actually does stay tacky in more humid weather conditions.In the past, I have tried various Winn grips, but I have found that the grips tended to feel somewhat slippery as the round wore on when I played in humid weather (referring to clubs that require a full swing, not Winn's very fine putter grips). Nothing worse than a grip that slips in your hands.


The price.I realize that prices go up for everything, but it really seems like grip prices have gone up significantly the last few years.This single Winn grip costs seven dollars, and that's with installing it yourself.


I would recommend this grip based on performance. It has a very soft feel, probably the softest of the various grip models I have tried.And it actually does stay tacky in humid weather, a plus for Winn grips.That said, I probably wouldn't regrip all my irons with this, as I can find a good, tacky in all weather grip in the Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip, which costs about three dollars less per grip.But this Winn grip is one I'll keep on a driver, and perhaps try it on a fairway wood, as I like the very soft feel on the longer clubs.

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