Review of XCaliber Tour 60 (Shafts)

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Joe Golfer
Tour 60

Excellent construction and quality.The shaft also has a very sharp appearance; looks really good in the club.Very good feel on contact.


The shaft plays quite similar to the current Grafalloy ProLaunch Red as far as ball flight, but I think this shaft has a better feel to it. It's tip is quite firm, so it gives a penetrating ball flight, which I prefer.You won't hit ballooning shots with this shaft unless you put a really bad swing on it somehow and sky the ball.I trimmed the tip an extra half inch to make it slightly stiffer, so that this R flex is probably now an R+ flex.The shot dispersion is excellent.The shaft loads very well and unleashes well.Probably best for players who have a mid to late release (a well grooved swing).


Nothing to dislike.


After trying this shaft, I'd highly recommend that others try the XCaliber shafts made by the Robin Arthur company.He really is investing himself in these superior quality shafts that won't cost you $150 to $300 bucks to replace some cheap stock shaft that came in your driver.You can look up these shafts in the Golfworks catalog or at Robin Arthur may even answer an email personally for you if you have questions, as the site has an email address for him via their 'Contact' link.

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