Review of Zero Tolerance Maxima 330 (Drivers)

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Zero Tolerance
Maxima 330

The construction is top of the line. It has a GolfPride Tour Wrap grip. It has the same type of quality of any high priced "name brand" club on the market.


This driver is 1" over normal for a graphite driver, per my request. It has a 330 cc head, but looks very sleek. Very solid feel when waggling. I also had them put one of their shafts in it; an XLT 70 Zero Tolerance Stiff flex. The club looks very appealing upon address. Impact is solid and smooth, even on off-center hits. The sound is solid, not a "tinny" sound that some Titanium drivers have. The distance and trajectory is very good, with my drives averaging 282 yds.(documented) All in all, an outstanding driver that will rival, if not surpass, some of the most expensive drivers on the market today.


There really isn't anything I don't like about this driver. I'm playing to a 3 handicap right now, and it is as solid a driver as I've played.


Final Comments;I recommend this club to anyone, regardless of skill level, although the club will be better used in the hands of a medium to low handicap player. Very forgiving, long and the straightest driver I've ever played. All in all, a great club.

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