Royal Blue Long Sleeve golf shirt


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Exceed Desert Dry Xtra-Lite

Excellent Quality material and very well made. The Desert Dry Xtra Lite material is great for staying cool and DRY during a long round of golf under the hot sun. The shirt is Very well constructed, with a good fit in all areas. The shirt Hangs very well.


This line of long sleeve golf shirts were designed to protect your arms from the sun. The shirt is made of a material that offers a UPF rating of 50 Plus, so you don't have to worry about the sun at all. The Desert Dry material is Excellent at moistiure wicking, and the Xrta Lite version of this material is Very light weight, so it's very cool on those extra hot days under the sun. The fit of the shirt is excellent. The body of the shirt is extra long, so the bottom of the shirt STAYS tucked into my pants very well, and never comes out during a round of golf. Sleeves are just the right length, not too long nor too short.




i have liked the Antigua brand of golf apparel for as long as I've been using the line. The quality of the materials they use is Excellent in every piece of clothing I have worn. The workmanship of the construction of thier apparel is First Rate. Over the years I've worn a lot of different brands of golf apparel, and I have found that the Antigua brand is my all time favorite for light weight moisture wicking golf shirts. the fit well and they perform at a very high level for me.This will be one of my favorite golf shirt for playing when the sun is out in full strength and expecially when it's really hot out there. My wife is always trying to get me to wear Sun Screen when we go out to play a round of golf, which I NEVER do. Now I have this Long Sleeve golf shirt that has a UPF rating of over 50, so now I'm all set to play and NOt have to worry about either the SUN nor my wife complaining about wearing sun screen on my arms.


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