Swing Caddie SC100


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looks very good quality. Robust. Clear display.


Was looking for a swing speed monitor as i need to increase my swing speed. Looked at a load of reviws and reports. I only needed swing speed but the SC100 had added features of Ball speed, carry, and smash factor. The reviews were very varied. Lots say 1/5 load of crap lots say 5/5 great. and a lot inbetween. I gambled on one from ebay at £100. I didnt know my swing speed before I got this gizmo. I had guessed it at around 80-85 mph judging by my drives. 200-220 yds on a good drive ( dont laugh ).  Initial testing looks great, nearly every drive I done was in the range of around 78-86 mph. Non of the reported 50mph here and 120mph there. I Know not to read too uch into thr carry distance as this is based on the club speed and ball speed and an unknown angle of attack etc etc. Overall 1st imprssion is 4/5 but will update as I use it more. Any questions welcome. CAC.




Uses a lot of assumptions for carry distance.


4/5 and pending.

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