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Buyers Guide: Selecting a driver - Mike Shumaker and other GGR Members

First and foremost, it is important to remember that the golf club does not make the golfer. Also, you need to know that this guide is just a guide-hopefully it will help you make the decision easier when you decide to purchase a driver. The game is simply 18 holes of challenges and opportunities-hopefully most of you golfers will be presented with more opportunities than challenges. If you have a driver in your golf bag that you have confidence in-the game becomes much more enjoyable and lots more fun.

Choosing Irons - Don Fisher

If you are in the market for a set of irons, be it your first set or one in a line of dozens, first thing you should do is decide on just how much money you are willing to spend. Might want to leave yourself a little “Wiggle Room” just in case you find a set you just can’t live without and its’ $50 more than your budget. No sense looking at those brand new $1,000 TaylorMade forged irons if your wallet says $300 is your limit. Same goes for wasting your time looking at low end $200 irons if your skill level and back account are up to some $700 clubs.

Golf Buyers Guide; Choosing Irons - Mike Shumaker

One of the most asked questions of any golfer is: What type of club should I play with? The answer to that question is both easy and sometimes very difficult to answer. Whether your name is Phil Mickleson or Joe Smith, there is a set of irons just for you. Driving the ball is a very important part of the game but there is no doubting that the most essential and basic part of any golfers game is their iron play. The type of iron in your golf bag is like bread and butter on your dinner plate.

Golf Gambling Games for your next golf trip

Straight Cash, Homey: Best Golf Betting Games To Play on Your Next Trip

Friday, October 11, 2013 by Chris King

There are a lot of great golf games we play golf for the camaraderie, the opportunity to compete against the course, and the myriad of challenges, mental and physical, the game presents.

But those things only paint a partial picture of the reasons the game is attractive.

Golf Channel attacks slow play

Golf Channel attacks slow play

The Golf Wire reports that “Golf Channel is tackling the issue of slow play head on and will direct its resources during the month of June toward a company-wide initiative titled ‘It’s About Time, designed to help promote ideas and enterprises that improve pace of play in golf and assist with the growth of the game.”