Stressful Round? Whistle while you .. golf.

Did you see this golf club review?

I'm a whistler. Some people are, and others are not. I whistle throughout the day, whether its while I walk from office to office, or meeting to meeting. I whistle as I walk through the stores on Saturday doing my weekend errands. I also whistle on the golf course. Whistling, beyond the musical entertainment aspect, actually impacts the physical and emotional and mental characteristics of the whistler. Beyond being excellent exercise for the lungs, whistling reduces stress and tension and calms the mind. When we make a connection to music, whistling or listening to our favorite MP3s, it changes our state of being at that time. Have you ever seen anyone angry and whistling. I'm not sure it's physically possible! But I do know that anger, tension and stress are incredibly damaging things to a golf swing. From reduced focus to out of sync swing mechanics to poor tempo, the negative impacts of anger and tension on the golf course clear.

Whistling can help you lower that stress level, release that anger and regain your focus. It's difficult to be negative while you're whistling or humming or singing your favorite tune. By letting go of the negativity, you release the tension and return your body and mind back to the task at hand: executing the shot before you.

So the next time you feel your blood starting to boil and your pressures rising, ditch the powered cart in favor of a whistle-filled stroll to your ball. The walk and whistling will lower your stress, and the increased oxygen intact from whistling will improve your minds ability to focus on the shot before you. Give is a try and you might just get your game back in tune.