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2018 Golf season wrap up and 2019 goals

Well, so how did you end the golf season this year?   Playing better?  Worse?    2019 goals?

For me, it was a struggle on the golf course this year.  On the positive side, I lost a lot of weight which has been great.  Lost about 35 lbs and kept most of it off.  Have put back on about 7lbs so between now and Feb 1 wanting to lose that plus another 5.  I feel better but that's I think cause some balance issues with the swing. 

Overall this year golf wise I think I made positive changes to the swing - they just take time to get used too.  

Barnard Langer

Just continues to defy age doesn't he.   And he re-affirmed the 'drive for show, putt for dough' thought again, routinely being outdriven by Vijay by many many yards, but yet holing key 18 footers, 12 footers, 5 footers, all when it looked like Vijay was about to take the lead.  I think for Vijay, who's putting stroke looked 'odd' at times, feeling he was about to make a charge, only to see Langer nail a long putt, it is deflating.  Even when you have a chance, you don't have a chance.

Rio de Janeiro's Olympic golf course - uncertain future

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Rio de Janeiro's Olympic golf course took three years to build as the project was slowed down by environmental lawsuits, Brazilian bureaucracy and stop-and-start funding by a billionaire real estate developer.

Four months after golf's surprising popularity at the Olympics, an even larger test remains: What to do with an acclaimed course in a country where few play the game, and in a city that can't pay to maintain it.

local rule that will waive the one-shot penalty if a ball moves on the putting green by accident.


Golf's governing bodies have responded to Dustin Johnson's penalty at the U.S. Open by introducing a local rule that will waive the one-shot penalty if a ball moves on the putting green by accident.

The local rule, effective in January, applies only to accidental movement on the putting green of the golf ball and a ball marker.

Big Break Alum...

So I don't know about you guys but I used to enjoy watching the Golf Channel's show, The Big Break.   Now admittedly, many of the contestants were not of tour calliber but more made it to the tour than I expected had, with more on the LPGA tour.  Here's who advanced after getting their 'Big Break'

PGA Tour:  Matt Every (has won on the tour), Tommy Gainey (has won, but has lost his card at times), Tony Finau, James Nitties (lost his card..)

Q School : Dang these guys are good Too!

Golf, like life, is sometimes about the breaks you get - or don't get.  I knew the mini-tour guys were pretty good and that the Web.com guys were really really good, but man, maybe we just have too many good golfers for these guys to catch a break.   Is it time to increase fields at events so some of these guys get a chance to show what they can do?


From http://www.golfdigest.com/story/think-youre-good-enough-for-q-school-rea...

Practice swings made during a round using 'aids'


This was from back in April, but I found it today and thought the author did a good job explaining some key points, so I'm reposting here:

Jason Duffner, who was the play-off winner of the CareerBuilder Challenge at La Quinta, California, was observed making practice swings holding his golf glove underneath his arm. How does this compare with these three similar situations?

DJ Points, was penalized for holding a spongy green ball under his arm to make practice swings while waiting to play on a tee box?

On this day, July 15, 2005....

The day after he appears on Scottish currency, Jack Nicklaus plays his last round in the Open Championship. The three time Champion (Muirfield 1966, St Andrews 1970 and St Andrews again in 1978), as well as seven time runner-up shoots a level par 72, but misses the cut by three shots. Most appropriately, Nicklaus' final shot in The Open was a 15 foot putt for birdie on the 18th, underneath the windows of the R&A clubhouse. The Championship itself was won by the man who has made the beating of Nicklaus' professional record of 18 major titles his career goal - Tiger Woods.