I guess Tiger is OK to sponsor things now...

Did you see this golf club review?

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Scott Rushing
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I guess Tiger is OK to sponsor things now...

Just saw he was signed to help consult/promote by a company that sells indoor golf simulators/practice systems.  So clearly he's back as a OK player to endorse your products.  Supposedly he's used the systems for a while ..  But these things are not consumer solutions, but more high end tools I think, $30K+    So clearly he's not drawing the average golf fan to this..

It's been awhile

I guess it's been long enough for most people to have either forgotten or foregiven him for cheating on his pregnant wife and mother of his child. As for the average golfer being in the market for a $30K simulator for home use, I doubt there are very many of them out there. I'm sure NOT in the market for one any time soon. MAYBE if I were to win a big lottery, I might get one to put in my NEW home. But unless that happens, I'm not buying one.


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