2018 Goals...and plans

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2018 Goals...and plans

Don sent me an email and down in it was this article from Titleist:   (https://www.titleist.com/teamtitleist/team-titleist/f/10/t/41004?utm_sou...)

Hi, everyone.

The golf season in New England started this Friday. To get the most our of your 2018 season, all good players formulate a plan (example: equipment check, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, practice, play and tournament schedule, etc.).


1. Fitness: My goal is to increase strength and flexibility. I'm working with a trainer and following a disciplined workout routine.

2. Equipment: Checking all my lofts, lies and club gapping. Also checking all golf grips and wedge wear, replacing where necessary. Making any modifications necessary to ensure that my equipment is 100% ready to go. I just changed shafts in my 917 D3 driver this winter and I added twenty yards along with a better trajectory.

3. Game Assessment: In reflecting on last year, I discovered my short game, putting and short iron play were spot-on. I need to improve long irons and distance off the tee (which led to switching shafts in my driver - very encouraging already.)

4. Game Plan: I've laid out my schedule as it relates to work, tournament play, casual play and practice. Just guidelines at the moment and are subject to modification. The most important thing though, is that they're written down and I can constantly remind myself of what the gameplan is and where I should be spending my time.

5. Review: Incremental measurements to see how I'm progressing on my gameplan.

6. Commitment: You can't wish it. You have to do it. Believe in the plan, commit to it and execute it. And enjoy the journey!

This is my plan. Can't wait to put it in play. What's yours?

Scott Rushing
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My Plan..

So I started thinking about my plan for 2018

1. Fitness: This has been a big focus since December.  I've lost 25 lbs and am hitting the ball further.  If I can get my back in shape maybe I can keep the pain to a minimum.  But I plan to keep exercising and now starting to add more core exercises

2. Game Assessment: I took more lessons last year and found some swing flaws I'm still working on. Still struggle to get the ball striking solid.  Sometimes it's great and other times I strike the ball thin.  So I'm still working on that.  Driver is better but not great yet.  Still trying to take one side of the course out of play.  Chipping has NOT been good thus far this year so I plan to work on that a lot.  Putting is OK, and will probably still get less practice than the other aspects.

3. Game Plan: Working on a weekly schedule, weather permitting.  One day mid week, hit the range for chipping, putting, and full swings.  Wednesday night, play 9 holes in my league with warm up if possible.  Weekend, go chip/putt and play 9 holes, assessing the 9 holes to know what to work on at the range.   So 2 range sessions, one hitting balls and one chipping/putting. 

4. Focus:  I don't know about you guys but I stuggle sometimes to be focused on the shot at hand.  Maybe my mind wanders to some background noise or conversation, or I rush a shot and don't take time to have a plan.   Going to try some mediation work this year to see if that helps me any with my focus.

5. Review: My plan is to take weekly looks at what's happening in my matches, and how work at the range is translating.  Maybe take a lesson if needed.  


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game plan

I would be delusional if I said I had a plan. My work load is so variable (plus my office is over 45 minutes away from home) that I can't plan for anything during the week. The only thing I try to do is if I "think" I'll have a reasonable day, I'll put the bag in my car so I can potentially go to the range on my way home from work. I don't usually leave the office until at least 6:00, but with summer daylight, I can get some swings in.

Mild tendonitis in left elbow means that I can't go to the range too much or I'll suffer the consequences. I wear a brace (when I remember) at the range (I always wear it at the gym).

I want to get a tune up lesson in before the end of the month. I'm improving with my irons, but I want to reinforce things. Also I have a tendency to block my driver, so I need to get that corrected.

Much like Scott's comment about focus...I have to remember to play smart. No low probability shots unless conditions are perfect and I'm swinging well THAT DAY. I'm stubborn sometimes, I decide on a shot, get over the ball, and the little voice is telling me not to do it...and I don't listen.

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Heading back to the range again later today

I will be heading to the range soon to see how the new dirver performs. I got a Ping G20 driver with a new TPT 16 LKP MT shaft installed in it after my shaft fitting at Club Champion recommended that shaft for me. I'm hoping it will perform well and will let you know what I find after I have a chance to hit it both at the driving range and on the same Trackman system we used for the shaft fitting.Wish me luck and I'll get back to you soon. I also have a phone interview set up for tomorrow, Thursday. with a rep with TPT Golf. so that will be interesting. 


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Gold Luck Don.  Let us know

Gold Luck Don.  Let us know how it goes.

Golf is a game that can only be played...

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