2022 Goals

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2022 Goals

It may just be Scott and I posting at this point, haha, but might as well put up the topic!

For me, the overall goal is to get my game back to where it used to be, scoring more regularly in the mid/high 80's. If the new salesperson we hired in the Spring works out and I don't need to work crazy hours, maybe this year I can actually get to the range to practice. I had a good lesson about hitting out of greenside bunkers in the Fall, so I'm not losing as many shots there. I need to hit everything just a little bit better, when I lost confidence in my swing I wound up swinging too tentatively and have lost distance. I had a couple of rounds where everything was working pretty well, then I lost it. Had I had time...I would have gotten to my instructor for a reset, but I just wound up struggling with playing once a week. I'm hoping to change that this year.

So the goal is to shoot average 88-90. The plan is to get out at least 2X a month to the range for practice. Lesson for pre-season tune up as soon as it warms up a little in March/April. Possibly road trip to golf school for 2 days instruction.

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Good Job Aimee!

Yes, ...and then there were two!    I think it might just be you and me...but oh well...until the bill comes due for the hosting, let's do it. 

My goal for 2021 was to try and get better and ball striking.   I feel like I regressed actually.  For 2022 I am going to try to improve that.  it's frustrating to hit a good drive and then toe an iron shot and miss the green.  My GIR stats were bad in 2021. Putting was worse too.   I played less in 2021 and 2020 due to COVID/Working from home and just being crazy busy.

So for 2022, ball striking and GIR are the primary goals to improve.  I want to also practice putting more in 2022.  I'm hoping my 2022 will be more normal in terms of work schedule and effort and being able to golf more.  I drove the ball a little better in 2022 so that was one bright spot.  I don't think I broke 80 in 2021..if I did, it was only once.  in 2022 I want to get my scoring back into the mid to high 70s.   Chipping was OK...but honestly nothing was stellar.  So reboot..do the "Spiderman - No Way Home" thing and make everyone forget 2021...and move on.... LOL

Aimee, thank you for continuing to hang with me here..If this turns out to be the last year at least I can say it's been fun and a good experience.

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Scott, I'll hang until you

Scott, I'll hang until you shut off the lights! I enjoy talking golf to someone who takes it seriously, but not overly so.

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