Advertising In Golf

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Advertising In Golf

I don't know who Taylormade has hired to come up with their advertising; love it or hate it, you have to give them props for originality or at the very least pushing the boundary as to what is acceptable.

Here's the link to their latest TV spot featuring the Speed Police. The clip is entitled The Stakeout.

I just saw it for the first time tonight during the WMPC coverage. It made enough of an impression that i went and searched for the clip on youtube so I could see it again. It maybe completely silly, but I laughed like a kid. It's almost like a parody of their advertising about yardage claims in the past. It's almost as if they're saying that we know we're full of sh*t regarding our claims, so we thought it would be fun if we made something that let you laugh along with us.

When you look at this campaign versus their previous Rocketballz/ballzier campaigns its worth a Clio by comparison!


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LOL! That was fantastic!

LOL! That was fantastic!

Practice like you play. Play like you practice.

I don't normally hit a sand wedge 170 yards. But when I do, it's from a greenside bunker.

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Had not seen that one. That

Had not seen that one. That's good. Now I remember the series Thunderbirds growing up which was puppet based and that's what I was reminded of...but that was good.

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