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Big Break Alum...

So I don't know about you guys but I used to enjoy watching the Golf Channel's show, The Big Break.   Now admittedly, many of the contestants were not of tour calliber but more made it to the tour than I expected had, with more on the LPGA tour.  Here's who advanced after getting their 'Big Break'

PGA Tour:  Matt Every (has won on the tour), Tommy Gainey (has won, but has lost his card at times), Tony Finau, James Nitties (lost his card..)

LPGA Tour: Gerina Piller , Kristy McPherson , Mallory Blackwelder, Sadeena Parks, Jackie stoelting, Sara "no h" brown, Katy Harris, Ryann O’Toole

Last I heard the channel was re-evaluating reality TV shows and re-inventing itself of sorts.  I enjoyed the show and I can't imagine it was that expensive to produce.  Oh well, glad for those contestants who made the most of their break!  



I only saw about a half dozen

I only saw about a half dozen episodes of the show as I do not have cable at home, and only saw the show when I was visiting my mom back in North Carolina. What little I did see was fun to watch. Fun shots they had to play to advance to the next round. And while you are correct in saying that most of the golfers were not tour quility players, it was still fun to watch the shows. And I sure that the viewers at home could relate more to these players skills than they can the pros on tour.


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