Big names out of the mix

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Big names out of the mix

Not only has Tiger announced that he will miss the Masters due to back surgery, but Suzanne Petterson will not play in LPGA major Kraft Nabisco due to a back injury. She was projected to perhaps be the #1 player this year.

Yes. Suzann could have taken

Yes. Suzann could have taken over #1 with a victory. Instead she is nursing a bad disc in her back.

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Today's golfer maybe fitter

Today's golfer maybe fitter than previous generations, but they also seem to be more fragile. I think it's a bit like pitchers in baseball with the strive to get bigger and stronger to throw the ball harder. The body's joints and ligaments aren't meant to take that sort of pounding. I'm wondering if distance has its price.

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May be because of the speed of the modern swing, you just can't put that much torque into it and not affect the joints and ligaments, which you can't build up like muscles.

It's not's how many

Scott Rushing
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There do seem to be some back

There do seem to be some back related injuries out there and Tiger has one of the more violent swings on tour. Hope he recovers quickly and completely.

I notice today with my back - there are days it just hurts...Yoga and stretching really help but not 100% relief. I'll give up a few yards to save some injury risk...

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