The British OPEN or the OPEN as the British call it.

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The British OPEN or the OPEN as the British call it.

I recently saw something about how DRY and HOT it has been in the UK and how dried out and hard to course will be this week for the OPEN. if you watched any of the coverage of the Scotish Opne last week you know how BAD the course condidions were. I looked at the course and it was hard to watch. The entire course was dried out and brown to the point of being almost DEAD. Golf balls were rolling out more than 50 yards off the tee and some were going well past that. I remember hearing one golfer say he hit a mid iron and it went OVER 325 yards. That's a joke in my opinion and just one more reason I am NOT a fan of the OPEN, be it the US Open or the British or what ever. 

I can only hope that the OPEN isn't a repeat of the Scotish mess. 

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That's usually how the

That's usually how the british courses look as I recall.  Maybe this one was more brown due to the warm summer but I've never seen them lush and green like our courses.  It was crazy to see the ball roll that far. You had to plan for a 60-70 yard roll out..  Hard to plan for.  They're getting rain today so be interesting to see if it greens up any.

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Watched it

I found the outcome very satisfying, Molinari has been playing great lately and he held steady to win it, not have someone hand it to him. We were at our gym late morning and there were lots of people watching on the wall hung TV (one was tuned to the channel with the Open) which is not the norm. Tiger in contention really brings the eyeballs.

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Agree with everything you

Agree with everything you said, Aimee.  Tiger still moves the needle more than any other golfer.  It would have been nice if he could have held it together a bit longer, but I figure he's having to relearn how to win again.  Still, that shot out of the fairway pot bunker on 10(?) brought back memories of the impossible that were routine for him 2000-2002.

I was happy theat Molinari won as he has been plugging away on tour for what seems like a decade.  I've always admired his game of control.  The conditions actually levelled the playing field allowing the short knockers like Molinari and Zack Johnson to compete with the big hitters.

I was reather surprised and

I was reather surprised and happy to see how green the greens were over the weekend at the OPEN. You could see "Water Spots" on the grens that looked like there was standing water on them at some time in the recent days. I don't know if it was from rain or if they watered the greens enough to have small puddles on them, but either way it was nice to see the color GREEN for a change. And I was also happy to see Molinari win. He played very well and didn't make any big mistakes all week and he won. He deserved it.


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