Career Gand Slam for InBee or .. not?

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Career Gand Slam for InBee or .. not?

So does yesterday's British Open with count as the Career Grand Slam for Inbee or not?    Starting to hear the discussion of whether this qualifies her or not...The LPGA now has 5 majors not four and one of them InBee won BEFORE it was a major.  So some are saying they don't recognize it because the conditions of play when she won Evian was just a "normal" tournament, along with the entry criteria for players, which is usually better for Majors than most weekend events, were all geared to the normal weekend events.  So you didn't have the conditions of play, the competition or the feel/pressure of it being a real major when InBee won it. 

Seems to me the PGA does the same thing, recognizing Bobby Jones as having won it when he won the US Open, US Amateur, and their counterparts in Britian.  Sarazan won it but only if you accept the "Augusta National Invitational Tournament" he won, which officially wasn't considered a major at that point in time. 

The PGA struggles for events sponsors less than I think the ladies do, so they have to be a bit more willing to adapt than the PGA does.  The LPGA doesn't have the money I think to be able to run their majors quite like the PGA does where the majors aren't really run by Sponsors.  The USGA runs the Open, the R&A the British, Augsta runs the Masters and the PGA Tour the PGA.  You just don't expect that those majors will ever go away or change.   For the LPGA, some events seem to be run by whoever sponsors the events.  Now we have the Evian Masters which we didn't used to have as a Major but now we do because they stepped up.  I think it's a little more in flux for the LPGA who struggles to get sponsors and TV deals.

It's a gray area for me and InBee's 'career grand slam' but if you consider past players who never played the same events, then I say you would extend the same to InBee.   But if Evian runs into trouble financially, could we see the LPGA drop back to 4 Majors again?  If so, is InBee no longer credited with having won the slam because it's not in the mix?  


Can of Worm ?

It seems like a can of wroms in a sense. Not wure if I would give her credit for a Grand Slam under the conditions we have how. IF I had to vote on it, I'd have to vote NO, since the Evian was NOT a major when she won it. Not sure it that's fair or not, but it's my vote if I had to vote.


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