Daly cards a 12 at the Valpar Championship...to shoot 90.

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Scott Rushing
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Daly cards a 12 at the Valpar Championship...to shoot 90.


John Daly has gone 17 straight years on the PGA Tour with at least one round in the 80s. He didn't even manage that Friday in the Valspar Championship, missing a 4-foot putt on his last hole at Innisbrook for a career-high 90.

He started with a tee shot into the water. He had about 270 yards to carry the lake after his penalty drop and failed twice. From there, he hit a smother-hook well to the left of the water, only to hit what he described as a shank with his 7-iron well right of the green. He took three chips to reach the green and one-putted for a 12.

Daly's highest score ever was an 18 on the sixth hole in the 1998 Bay Hill Invitational. This wasn't anything like that. For one thing, he hit only three balls into the water.

"I got two good drops and hit a heel-cut 3-wood into the water," he said. "Then I shanked a 7-iron, chili-dipped a chip, it was buried, didn't get that out. ... It was a good 12. I got up-and-down for 12."

In bowling, we say "Good 8" or "Good 9" when we do poorly but the pins fall anyway. Not sure there is a "Good 12"