Daly ... HOF candidate?

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Scott Rushing
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Daly ... HOF candidate?

So what do you think?  Heard this discussion the other day.  What's your opinion?...Daly has won 2 Majors, 20 wins throughout his career, 5 on the PGA tour. 

Now normally you'd say "ehhhhhh" that's a couple big wins but not a really convincing arguement.  Right?  but since the HOF inducted Freddy Couples in 2013, who has 1 less major on the PGA tour (2 of his 3 are Senior tour Majors), and he does have 9 more PGA tour wins in non-majors, that sort of lowered the bar a little....perhaps.

If Daly has a good senior career, then I'm fine with it.  He has 2 majors, and clearly is a fan favorite.  I bet the Senior tour ticket sales go up with him there. he draws fans to the game.  But on the PGA tour, he was just here and then not, on a little then off a lot.   Unless they really look at the intangibles, I just don't see it without a strong senior resume.

I agree with you Scott. I don

I agree with you Scott. I don't think Daly has much of a chance unless he turns it up a nock and can win a good number of events on the Championship Tour over the next few years. And let's not forget that Daly has NOT been a great role model OFF the course, and that could go against him for getting into the HOF. Look at Pete Rose and MLB. One of the BEST catchers EVER to play the game, and he's NOT in the HOF because of his Off the Field life. The same thing could happen to Daly to some extent, with his gambling, drinking and abuse of women over the years. I'm NOT saying it's fair, but it is the way things tend to be in Pro sports.


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