DJ Rallies for win after Jason Day doubles

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DJ Rallies for win after Jason Day doubles

AKRON, Ohio -- In his first start since winning the U.S. Open, Dustin Johnson won another World Golf Championship on Sunday.

Johnson ran off three birdies on the back nine at Firestone and closed with a 4-under 66 to win the Bridgestone Invitational. He was helped in part by a surprising collapse by Jason Day.

Day, the world's No. 1 player, was tied for the lead when he hooked a 3-wood off the tee on the par-5 16th, hit across the fairway and tried to bend a shot around the pond. He went into the water and made a double-bogey.

Day did not hit a green in regulation in his last six holes.

Johnson now has three WGC titles and goes to the British Open as the player to beat.

Scott Rushing
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Hated to see Jason double

Hated to see Jason double bogey #16 but these young guys, whether it was the right call or not, don't have any fear of failure.  Must be nice to have the confidence that you'll have many more chances to win and can go for the risky shot.   It didn't pay off this time.  If that had been Stricker or Vijay, you know they're punching out short of the water and trying to get up and down.  Maybe that was the more prudent play, but I did like the fact that he felt he had the shot in his bag. 

Happy for DJ..back to back wins. 

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I did NOT see Jason Day hit

I did NOT see Jason Day hit those shots, but I did hear one of the TV announcers say he made ONE bad swing and TWO bad choices on holes 15 and 16, that lead to a bogey on 15 and a doulbe on 16. No way of knowing how things may have turned out if Jason had  played it safe instead of going for the risky shot. Bubba went with the Risky Shot at the Masters a few years back and we all know how that turned out when he WON a mafor. It was a bit sad to see Jason lose after leading most of the weekend, but it was nice to see DJ win again so soon after the US Open win. The British OPEN should be fun to watch for sure.


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