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Golf Now deals

I just got a great deal from Golf Now for one of my local golf courses. According to the listing for the course, I can get a tee time at 3:42 PM for 18 holes including a cart this weekend for only $69.00. This is for a pretty nice course that normally might cost close to $90.00 for 18 holes, so the price is not too bad.

Problem comes in when you look at the tee time of 3:42 PM when the sun sets here in Denver at 4:49 PM. That means I would have a big fat HOUR and 7 MINUTES before sunset to get in my 18 holes of golf. Now it it was mid July and the sunset was closer to 8:30 this might not be a bad deal at all. But in November with the sunset being at 4:49 today. this is NOT what I would call a good deal at all. I have to wonder WHO would want to use Golf Now for this dumb tee time. A golfer would be lucky to get in FOUR holes before sunset with the pace of play these days, where it's normal to take 5 hours or more to play 18 holes. 

On the bright side. IF i only want to play 9 holes, I could pay only $40.00 for 9 holes with the same tee time. Still only have 67 minutes before the sun goes down, but at least it's $29 cheaper to play those 3 or 4 holes before it gets too dark to see the greens. I wonder who sets these kind of tee times up at this time of year with Golf Now.