Golf tour during COVID19

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Scott Rushing
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Golf tour during COVID19

So what do you think about resumption of the golf tour that's being talked about for June?   I can't imagine they would allow fans...just seems stupid to me to have that many people when you can't possibly socially distance. But even so they'd still need some fairway marshalls, rules offciials, caddies, broadcast team etc.  That's still many people to test everyday.  I guess I don't know how I feel about it.  Yes, we could use some real live sports to get some normalicy back to our lives but ... if it's not safe for fans to be there why should players risk their safety?

And I wonder if the tour will rethink the points and money totals for keeping one's card?  I could see players saying it's not worth the risk to go play and skip events...and I don't blame them. 


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Consider what you said about

Consider what you said about the "on the course" conditions...those players also have to get on a plane to travel to the course. Guessing that some of them will take a pass for that reason alone. The Tour should just suspend everything this year for money/card due to the fact that there were limited opportunities to play.

It's not's how many

Money talks loud for some

I think a lot of the mid level tour players might be tempted to play as they could use the money. And if some of the top players do NOT play it will mean they have an even better chance of finishing near the top and make more money than they could under normal conditions. For the top players with LOTS of money in the back, playing would NOT be wise, but that will NOT stop some of them for sure. As for the fans, I doubt the tour will allow fans to attend, and surely NOT a lot of fans if they do allow some to attend. 

I think if will be interesting to see what the other PRO sports do in terms of opening up for play again anytime soon. Football with NO fans would be weird to see. Denver Broncos have been sold our for over 30 years and get around 75,000 fans every game. so what does it mean if the NFL can play games with NO fans? Those fans pay a lot for tickets and parking, to say nothing about $7.00 or so for a Beer or Hotdog. What does that say about prices for food and drink at gamee if the games can be played with NO fans and their money to subport the leagues? Tells me ALL the leagues are making a killing on food and drink as well as ticket prices. 

For what it's worth, I'm stalying home and NOT going to ANY sporting event anytime soon. I'd much rather stay home and save my money and stay SAFE right now. 


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