Greenbrier Cancelled

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Greenbrier Cancelled

Not sure if you saw but due to the devastation in West Virgina from the rains and flooding, I think over 20 deaths due to the storms, the PGA cancelled the GreenBrier event.  I was driving through WV Friday and saw some of the damage first hand.  Water everywhere. Golf courses flooded, homes flooded, road/intersections under water.  Stores and homes devastated.   I hate for the community to lose the millions of dollars a PGA event brings to the local economy but I think the right call was made.  right now the focus needs to be on rebuilding that area and helping those who have been impacted by the storms.  When I cam back through Monday, it appeared a lot of the rain had deminished so that's good. Perhaps now the rebuilding can begin. 

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I saw a video of the golf

I saw a video of the golf course a few days ago and it was UNDER water. Not a good sight to see. I wonder what the PGA tour will do with the week? Will they just NOT play that week or can they play an event at a different location on short notice?? We have seen dozenso of time where an event was delayed due to rain and such, but I don't remember an event being cancelled complated in recent memory. For the guys trying to make the top 125 in the FedEx Cup race, not having this event could be huge. One less chance to move up. Same for the guys needing to finish well to maintain their tour status for next year. Let's just hope that the golf course and the houses around it at not too badly damaged, and time will be enough to get things back to normal. I hope that none of the fairways got washed away with the flood waters. Never good to hear about people getting killed in these types of stroms. Be it the rain and floods or the high winds, not a good thing to see or read about.


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Well the Greenbrier is next

Well the Greenbrier is next week, this week the WGC Firestone event.  I did read that the British Open spot which was up for grabs at the Greenbrier will now go to the " the leading player in this weeks Barracuda Championship in Reno, not already exempt provided that he is among the top five and ties." .  That event is held simultaneously to the Firestone this week.  So for those guys playing in the Firestone without spots in the British, they could in theory switch to play in reno at the Barracuda. 

There probably aren't any other events that give Fedex Cup points or Tour money.  So I guess they just get a week off...

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