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Home golf simulators

Been using my 3Bays golf swing analyzer this weekend, playing around with comparing my swing stats to some B-list tour pro's. Sort of interesting. I'm swinging my 9I and for the most part, if I'm not thinking about anything, my backswings a little slow than my forward swing, by 3.7 to 1 tempo wise. And my swing speed with the 9I is usually in the 67MPH range when I wasn't thinking about it, just swinging and trying to swing smooth. Well I noticed the 2 pro's on there were 70MPH and 85MPH. So just for kicks I worked on swinging faster. After some swings and getting used to it, I think I'm pretty comfortable getting it up to 76MPH but about the most I can get with any sort of control in the wing is 80. That's the tops! No idea where balls would go as I'm doing this inside my house. But the swings at 75-77MPH seemed to be decently in control, though there were issues of where my swing would bottom out and I'd probably hit some fat and thin.

But it makes me somewhat curious about having a olf simulator at home that I can hit balls with and see how things go. Could not fathom to pay $40K+ for anything and the low end machines ($300-$1000) dont get a the greatest reviews. So I guess I'll just stick with going to the range - once the weather improves.

But it was kinda net to make those changes and see the change in measurements, even if they are estimated. Reviews suggest it's reasonably accurate, within 1-2 MPH. This summer, I'll compare it to my SwingSpeed radar unit and see what each gives.

3bays swing analyzer

3bays swing analyzer

I've taken my Swing Speed

I've taken my Swing Speed Radar unit to a few indoor golf simulators and high end launch monitors and I NEVER get the same reading from the SSR as what the simulators or launch monitors give me. Don't be too surprised if you get higher swing speed reading with the SSR than with the sim.


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