If His Play Doesn’t Improve in 2014, Duval Says He’ll Do Something Else

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If His Play Doesn’t Improve in 2014, Duval Says He’ll Do Something Else

Let's hope David gets back on track.

Posted December 11, 2013
By Josh Sens

A mid-life career change may be in the near-future for David Duval, according to a recent torrent of tweets from the one-time top-ranked player in the world.

“As a player you need to perform and if I don’t do that in 2014 I will do something else,” the 42-year-old informed his followers on Twitter, in the course of a 14-tweet barrage.

Duval’s drawn-out decline, marked by injuries, mechanical issues and struggles with the mental game, has dropped him well below the radar to No. 1,528 in the World Golf Rankings.

He has failed to make the cut in 22 of his last 28 starts, and only played the weekend in two of 11 tournaments in 2013.

Duval says he’s made progress through recent work with Matt Kuchar’s swing guru, Chris O’Connell.

But in his tweets, he also promised, “without hesitation,” that 2014 will be the last year he relies on the kindness of strangers, er, sponsors, as he tries to get back on his golfing feet.

What he would do instead of golf remains an open question.

But this much seems certain: with more than $18 million in career earnings, he’ll have a decent cushion if he’s forced to look for other work.