International Crown Preview, Pairings and Discussion Thread

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International Crown Preview, Pairings and Discussion Thread

This week the LPGA takes a break from its official tournament schedule, for the playing of the International Crown. This is a biennial event that will take place in even numbered years, as opposed to the Solheim Cup's odd numbered years. It is a global matchplay competition that will feature 8 countries battling for the rights to be called "The World's Best Golf Nation."

Here are the key details:

Japan & Taipei lead their

Japan & Taipei lead their pools after Thursday's play.
For all scores:

Thailand and Japan lead their

Thailand and Japan lead their respective pools after Friday's play

For complete results:

Spain wins inaugural

Spain wins inaugural International Crown!!

For final results:

Scott Rushing
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I really enjoyed that event.

I really enjoyed that event. I like the format, and I like the playoff option. I know there was some flack about making it more holes but someone has to loose and had we won, we might have a different view point on the format. But if you're going to make it a 3 hole playoff, they need more time (daylight) to get it done.

But I like the event, sort of like the President's Cup in the Men's tours, includes more countries than the Ryder Cup does. I think that's good. Spain played great so congrats to them.

And congrats to the US for making such a come back after Day 1. As Kerr said, it wasn't the loss in the playoff that did them in, it was Day 1!

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