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So I'm getting ready to hit the links in Myrtle Beach for the annual guy's golf trip. 9 guys from work heading down to play for 3 days. There will be lots of friendly ribbing and chastising at the unbelievable golf shots that will take flight. My game has been a roller-coaster lately, feast or famine. I could shot 78 one day and 87 the next. And if the round starts off poorly, it can take it's toll on my mental game. So this year, I am arming myself with a custom yardage book, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the golf courses we will play. In an effort to control my emotions, the mental side of my golf game and help me remain in control, I devised the idea of logging a variety of positive imagery along with some swing thought reminders in the book and spreading them out over 18 fictional holes.

The first hole reminds me to maintain my tempo and to focus on my pre-shot routine and to not rush. The second hole reminds me to consider the wind and to finish my shots.

And how will I remember to read it, well I plan to only have 1 tee in my pocket and to stick it in the book. In theory, each time I tee off, I'll be reminded to get my yardage book out. At least, if I do this, I can't say I wasn't mentally prepared for whatever happened.


this sounds like a really GOOD plan. It should force you to do what you need to do to play your best golf for all 18 holes. Let us know if it works out a good as it sounds. Good luck with your trip and have fun if nothing else.


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Sorry for the delay in updating this.  Actually, the first day we were drenched with rain.  I mean the course was amazed we were playing but we had nothing else to do but sit in the room and drink, which on the surface doesn't sound like a bad idea!   But I wanted to play so most of the others came along as well.  Anyway, that day it was a little challenging to use it just because it was paper and it was so wet that it was tearing.  Practical issues there.  Maybe the future version of that will be laminated?  


Anyway, overall I think it worked pretty well.  I didn't play the best golf those days which lead to my lessons this Spring at GG, but I do think there is value in this idea.  I think I'm going to rethink it a little now that I've had my lessons and I have a sense for the swing thoughts I need to remind myself of.  Again, most of what I think it useful doesn't pertain to the course, but rather what helps get YOU ready to hit a good shot.  I will admit, I have focus issues.  Whether it's OCD or what, I get lots of thoughts in my head and I need to calm them.  One this first one, I put up to 3 or so keywords on each hole, maybe "tempo" and "relax" ..  With the next version I'm going to try and reduce that a little maybe to only one or a max of 2 thoughts on each card. 

Anyway, I'll update you again later this summer with how it's going.



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