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Phenix OPEN

I watched part of the Phenix Open this weekend. I really like that event, especially the 16th hole that is completely surrounded by grandstands for the fans to watch the event. Sunday it was a 167 yard par 3, so rather easy compared to some other par 3's on the tour. What makes this hole so much fun to watch is that with thousands of fans lining the hole, Most of whom have been drinking for hours, if the golfer hits a poor shot and misses the green, they get Booed like crazy. What I always find hard to believe is how many of the tour pros miss the green on this hole. For me that 167 yard hole would be a full 8 iron to reach the frong ot the green, and with a little roll out I'd be pretty close to the flag. How the best pros on tour can hit so many average to poor shots is hard to believe. Closest ot the flag all day was about 6 feet, and the next best was over 10 feet away. 

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That is a fun tournament.  I

That is a fun tournament.  I take it they had fans then.  They seem to have a fun time.   They used to have Caddie races on that hole...where the caddies would sprint to the green from the tee carrying the bag...and see who got there first


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Not a lot of fans but enough

Not a lot of fans but enough to let the golfers know when they hit a poor shot. 


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