A practical holiday gift guide for golfers


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Did you see this golf club review?

OK, so it's Christmas time again. And us golfers, that means at least a couple golf-related Christmas gifts from our family or friends. But maybe before they run to the golf section at Walmart or head to Golf Galaxy to buy a gift for Dear Old Dad, they'll read this article and consider a few of the suggestions contained herein.

Golf Balls: The general rule for the buyer should be never buy golf balls for someone unless you're going to spend $30+ Most golf balls are divided into 2 categories: Tour quality and not. So opening a gift on Christmas and finding what we golfers know is a $8.99 box of no-name golf balls does not make us feel special. However, opening a package and finding a dozen tour quality golf balls does!

Golf Clubs: Don't! Unless I've taken you to the store and pointed out exactly the club(s) I want, do not try to buy me a golf club. Not even a putter. Just don't.

Golf Gloves: Ok, gloves are like shoes, they don't fit the same on each person, across brands. So if you must buy one, try to look at a glove I already have and get the same brand/size, and keep the receipt.

Golf Hats: Ok, this is an area you will usually be fine with buying. Target hats with recognizable branding like Titleist or Ping. Skip the closeout isle with names like Wilson or RAM. Colors are OK too, play with it.

Other things that fall into the OK category:

Long tees - everyone needs more tees

Nice divot repair tool - something like this we don't tend to buy for ourselves

Gift cards - always a hit because then we can buy what we want.

Warm weather outerwear or Under Armour gear - so we can attempt to play golf all year long.

That argyle sweater you saw in the store - yeah, golf is one sport where we sometimes don't mind wearing something on the loud side. (See John Daly!)

Club Head Covers - Ok, yes, we love the floppy eared dog head driver cover. Nuff' said.

Other Don't: No chipping nets, no shoes (we're too picky), no ball retrievers (are you saying I lose that many balls?), no clothes off the clearance rack.