Solheim Cup

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Solheim Cup

I didn't get to watch much of the Solheim Cup, only saw a little of the Saturday play because I got up early. But it was a good battle (some of the Americans, I'm looking at you, Lexi, came up small) but you couldn't script a better ending. Suzanne Petterson, Captain's pick who hadn't played much in the last year plus...comes back after maternity leave, sinks the winning putt (after hitting a clutch approach shot) and drops the mic. Retiring in a big way.

This is the FIRST I've heard

This is the FIRST I've heard about this years event. Semms that since LPGA golf is no longer on broadcast TV these days, it don't get much mention at all. Kind of a shame as I rather liked watching the ladies play golf in the past. 


Putting is easy if you have the Right Putter.

Scott Rushing
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It was a good battle.  Hate

It was a good battle.  Hate we lost but we had chances Sunday.   The girls were getting fired up..matches close and kept flipping back and forth..

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