Tour freebies...

Did you see this golf club review?

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Scott Rushing
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Tour freebies...

Anyone read the Golf Mag article from the "mystery tour player" who divulges secrets of tour life? of the last ones was about all the freebies and inticements they get to play in events. Like the Sony Open gives them the new Playstation that year....or ipods, ipads, grills (yes, grills). Heck he said one event, which he didn't play, each player got a Segway! Now that's what a $7000 or so investment for each, pretty nice perks I would say. I need to get to know a tour player just to get the hand-me-downs!

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the mystery tour player column is one of my favorite reads each month
it sounds like the "swag bags" they give actors at the Oscars

It's not's how many

Must be nice

Makes me wish I was 45 years younger and a lot more talented at golf.


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