Watched part of the golf match on Sunday.

Did you see this golf club review?

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Watched part of the golf match on Sunday.

I watched about half of the charity golf match on Sunday. it was sttrange to see the Tour Pros Carring theri golf bags on their shoulder. When did any Tour pro do that last? . I was a but surprised they didn't use Puch Carts in stead of stand bags, as that would have been a lot nicer for the golfers and I'm SURE a company like Sun Mountain would have been more than happy to provide them with 4 of their newest push cart for free just for the FREE TV exsposure. 

NO Fans and NO caddies to help the players, so they let the players use Range Finders which was nice to see. NO touching the Flag Stick, an official was the only one allowed to touch it all day. They were playing Seminole Golf Course in Florida, and the course was looking GREAT and in perfect condition. Nice and green and NO brown spots on the course, something that is quite common thsee days on Tour, with the NO watering of the course rules being used on Tour these days. 

It will be interesting to see how Golf and some of the other Pro sport evetns handle the next few months or more when they get back to work. NASCAR had theri first race after the shut-down Sunday as well. Hard to imagine PRO sports with NO fans cheering them on during the game. Time will tell I guess.


HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE SAFE AND WELL. ALL GOOD HERE SO FAR, No one we know has been sick other than one guy that worked in the office building my wife would have been in now. HE worked for the company that worked in the other side of the building, not the company my wife works for. 

Time to go hook up the Battery Charger to my wifes car. With her working from home the car has just been sitting there and now the battery is run down and the door will NOT open with the key bob. Will have to use the real life KEY to open the car so I can hook up the charger so we can use the car this coming weekend to go visit the in-laws on the other side of town. Been two months now and the wife is past ready to see her parents again. 

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watched the match

Michael and I also watched the match, also probably about half of it since it wasn't very compelling. Was hoping for more dialogue since the guys were mic'd up. They said the course had gotten a lot of rain in the prior week, which made it lush/green and soft. It was pretty obvious the guys were not grinding as hard as a money tournement, they didn't take nearly as much time over their shots (which was nice to watch, honestly). Good for Rickie the underdog making some key putts. He (and Rory) looked like they had put in some practice, DJ was very rusty (and also rusty at carrying his own bag). Didn't realize how LONG Matthew Wolf And he didn't spray the ball, either.

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 watched part of this

 watched part of this weekends golf and DJ was on fire most of the round. He ended up winning by 11 strokes which is amazing. He ahead by 9 when they had a weather delay due to lighting in the area. The network coverage was about over at tha time so I didn't get to see the finish,but it was a no brainer who was going to win with only 2 holes left to play. Seems like DJ made a birdie in the last two holes and the next guy made a bogey as DJ was ahead by 9  and ended up winning by 11. He should be all tuned up for the FedEx playoffs coming up the next 3 weeks. Will be fun to see if he stays hot and wins the whole thing or not. 


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