What would you shoot at Augusta?

Did you see this golf club review?

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Scott Rushing
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What would you shoot at Augusta?

This is a little old but just saw it...apparently Augusta National has no official course/slope ratings...but a group of experts did attempt to rate it a few years back during the practice rounds.

you can read that here:  http://www.golfdigest.com/story/how-tough-augusta-knuth

But below is their chart of what you could expect to shoot there:

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I would shoot 200. Id get my

I would shoot 200. Id get my monies worth as it may be the only time I play it. CAC

cac handed Geordie.

Good Idea

That sounds like a good plan, get your money's worth. I think I'd play most holes so Bogey was a good score, except the par 3's which I'd try to hit the greens and two putt for par as often as I could. One of the biggest problems might be getting used to the speed of the greens, as I have NO idea how fast they would be compared to what I'm used to here in Colorado. It would be NICE to have a local caddy to help read the greens since I"ve never played the course, unlike the Tour pros that play it every year and have a log book so they know the greens pretty well.


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If I broke 125 it would be a

If I broke 125 it would be a triumph!  Even that might be overly ambitious!

The length is daunting.  I've never played on tour greens so the greenspeed would be something out-of-this-world.  I doubt I could even enjoy it!  It would most likely be the living version of Mark Twain's; a good walk spoiled.

Scott Rushing
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Based on the chart, I should

Based on the chart, I should shoot about 89...I'd be really happy to break 100..Did shoot 88 at Pinehurst #2 once and was very happy.  Especially given I didn't drive the ball well at all.  But at Augusta, it'd be a 6 hr round because I'd have to check out all the sights while I was playing...lots of selfies!!!



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