Womans's amature at Augusta National

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Womans's amature at Augusta National

Did any of you watch the Ladies Amatuer played at Augusta Naitional this weekend ? Augusta National annoucned last year that they wourl host the 2019 Amatuer event at Augusta National Golf Course, and they they had the first two rounds be played at a near by course, NOT Augusta National as we were lead to believe. After the field of 72 was cut down to 30 they let all 72 players in the event play a Practice Round at Augusta on Friday, and then the final round of 30 got to play at Augusta on Saturday. I have to wonder what it would have HURT the people at Augusta to have ALL THREE rounds to be held on the course, and NOT have the first two rounds held at a neiboring course down the road. I can't speak for any of the ladies involved in this years event, but it sure TICKED me off that they did this. I find the actions of the board of director of Augusta to be a BIG insult to all of ladies golf, not just to the Ladies Amatuer event. They treated these young ladies like Second Class golfers, which is an insult to ALL lady golfer in the world. 

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Yeah I did watch some Sunday.

Yeah I did watch some Sunday. I think they played to first 2 rounds at Atlanta Country club or something like that.   I was surprised by that too but honestly I was more suprised that they were having that event just days before The Master's.   My guess was...that they wanted these girls to be able to play it in its finest...which arguably is right now...with all the Azaleas blooming, and in pristine condition.   But they didn't want to have too many rounds on it before the men play and have that many divots in the fairways, etc.  So my guess Don is it was a conditioning issue for the men's event this week.  Why they couldn't have played the ladies event in 2 weeks, letting the course heal up from the men andn then let the ladies play, I don't know.  Other than they wanted maybe to give them the honor in a way of being able to play it first but in limited rounds....???   I don't know....


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