Golf Club Review of the Callaway Big Bertha Driver


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Scott Rushing
Big Bertha

Solid feel. Solid construction. Center hits have a very solid feel and off center hits give you feedback to let you know what you did.


The Callaway Big Bertha Driver is the reincarnation of the original Big Bertha driver. There are a couple models of the Big Bertha, and this review is mostly about the game-improvement version not the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha like Phil Mickelson plays.

Callaway Big Bertha

Immediately upon holding the Callaway Big Bertha in your hands you see the clubhead has a pretty traditional look. It sets up cleanly. The Big Bertha has a very soft feel for shots hit off the center of the club face. You do get feedback from the club head when you have off center hits. The club is game improvement but still gives the better play the ability to work the ball with a fade or a draw.

The club is designed with different materials that has adjustable perimeter weighting to allow you to adjust the draw bias. It has a high MOI so those off center shots don't penalize you for loss of distance. And the hyperspeed face also helps the off center hit to still carry a long way.

Speaking of distance, the Callaway Big Bertha driver is very long based on test results. Off-center hits travel nearly as far as most of the solid shots.

Talking about adjustability, the Bertha allows you to adjust the loft (+2°/-1°) and lie-angle adjustments. And that adjustability lets you find the right balance between carry and roll.

One of the most accurate drivers. Once you get it dialed in using the adjustability options, you'll find it's very accurate, and very forgiving.

Price-wise, it's comparably priced to similar products from other manufacturers.


It favors directional stability and tight dispersion over curveballs, so shaping shots proves difficult for just a few testers; it’s minor, but lots of adjustability options could take time to get the ideal setup.


The Callaway Big Bertha Driver is a long, straight and forgiving driver. It has a lot of adjustability designed into it as well to help golfers with a wide range of skills. Off center hits still go a long way while center hits are as long as any driver. If you're in the market for a new driver, this is one to consider.

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