Golf Club Review of Cleveland Classic Collection HB2 Putter

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scott rushing
Classic Collection HB2

No reason to doubt the quality of the club. Feel is solid and Cleveland usually produces high quality equipment.


The 2014 model for the HB2 is a mid-size putter, slightly larger than the traditional blade putter but not nearly as large as some of the newer mallet putters on the market today.

Cleveland HB2 Putter

It's light weight make it easy to take the club back and through and generate speed for the clubhead, so it's pretty easy to develop a consistent stroke for distance control.

It also provides decent feedback through the shaft to your hands so that you get a feel for how the clubhead responded at impact.

it's reasonably priced which in today's market is nice to see.


There's nothing terrible about this putter. It serves its purpose but it doesn't appear to be great at anything. Decent performance, decent feel, decent price. Just doesn't standout really in any category.


Overall a mid-range performer at a fair price. While this putter doesn't stand out in any major way, good or bad, there really isn't much exciting about it either.

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