Golf Club Review of Cobra AMP Cell Irons


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Scott Rushing
Amp Cell irons

The feel is pretty solid. Well struck shots feel effortless. Construction seems very good.


The Cobra Amp Cell irons are very easy clubs to hit. With benefits for all ranges of player skill levels, these clubs feel like a knife going through butter when you hit the sweet spot. Off center hits don't loose very much distance and don't stray very far off line either. Have only played with them a few times but I did not have any shots with them that turn wild uncontrolled turns.

Ball flight was mid trajectory but this time of year, it's hard to tell anything regarding how well shots bit once they landed because the greens or mostly dormant.

Distance was good, longer than the Ping Players clubs I was playing by about 8-10 yards.


About the only issue I've seen is mainly cosmetic. The top line is very thick which isn't that big of a deal but it makes the clubs look like they're super game improvement irons.


Overall the Cobra Amp Cell irons are very nice irons. Better players can still work the ball as needed but off center shots do not stray too far from the intended line. Distance is very competitive with other brands and the feel is great. Overall definitely a club to look at.

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