Golf Club Review of Nike Method Mod 60 Putter


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scott rushing
Method Mod 60

Top Notch quality. Nice weight.


Highly regarded based on online reviews, the Nike Method Mod 60 putter is one of the top performers in it's class. A midsize mallet putter, it has a great look to it when you address the ball. Nicely styled and polished, when you look down at the putter, everything appears elegant, nicely beveled edges.

Nike Mod 60

Deeply milled grooves help get the ball rolling forward right off the club face, which helps prevent skidding and bouncing, which lead to distance control issues. By imparting a smooth consistent topspin, the ball rolls more consistently.

This isn't a light weight putter, which is a positive I think. The nice hefty weight of the clubhead makes it easy to get - and stay - online. I don't feel like I need to pound this putter like I may some smaller lighter weight putters.


Not many. Unless you don't like a midsize mallet. Pricing is a bit steep at $300. That's placing this in the Scott Cameron price range so that may deter this model from getting a large following.


Overall a great putter, especially if you can find it discounted below the rack $300 price. Excellent feel and performance.

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