Golf Club Review of the Ping Scottsdale TR CRAZ-E Putter


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scott rushing
Scottsdale TR CRAZ-E

Top Notch


The CRAZ-E series of putters has always been exception performers, even if many people couldn't get over their strange appearance. Personally, I'll putt with whatever seems to get the ball in the cup in the fewest strokes.


If you can't align this putter, you can't align any putter. The alignment aide is large but easy to use. I think this is a well balanced putter and one I don't have to try and force when i swing. Nice stability and solid weight make this an easy putter to keep online. Excellent feedback from the clubhead.

Nice forgiveness and deadly on short putts.


Not many. You have to be able to get beyond the strange design of the clubhead. Get over it and start making more putts.


Great performing putter at a fairly reasonable price ($180 or less). Solid performer and exudes confidence in short putts where the alignment aid makes starting the ball on the right line pretty easy. Buy one, and start making more putts now.

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