Mizuno MH-5 irons


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scott rushing

Awesome quality.  They feel great. 


Ok, these irons are new for 2015...they are replacement/upgrades for the MH-4s .  These are higher launching irons for those of us who could use some help getting the needed altitude to maximize the carry distance.   A problem honestly for most golfers, getting enough launch angle is crucial for maximizing distance.  During a fitting, it was clear I was launching the ball too low and the apex of my shots was way lower than it needed to be.   So in comes the MH-5's into my bag.   

Pros:  feel, distance, launch angle, you name it.  The low irons are pretty easy to hit, I've hit some of the sweetest 5I's I recall.   Distance, even with the higher trajectory, I'm hitting these as far as my Wilson Ci11's which had a much stronger loft.  Feel, you hit the sweet spot and it's MONEY!  Miss it and the ball still travels. 

Workable too, I'm able to hit draws and fades, well fades aren't really my thing but if I try hard I can. But that's not a knock on the clubs.


Cons, other than $125 per club, no real cons.  At least not that I've seen.  Ok, if you're  a traditionalist, the top line is probably a bit thicker than you like.  I'm a 4 handicap and my concern is LOW scores.  Not thin lines or whatever technical stuff about the build.  if I shoot lower scores, that's the most important thing.  I had my buddy, a 2 handicap, hit them and he really liked them. 


OK, so yes, they're not cheap. But I really believe this set of irons, I'll have for several years. But other than cost, these things are great for those needing higher launch angles. The ball just flies.

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