Ping i25 irons


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i25 with TFC 189 graphite shafts

Build quality is of the highest order. My clubs were spot on to the ordered specs.


Custom fitting and built to the players exact specifications for loft, length, lie, shaft and flex. These are the first such set of irons that I have had the pleasure to use. Ball flight is consistent and very accurate. The heads are relatively forgiving on mis-hits toward the toe or heel. Launch is quite easy. Feel on a flushed shot is unlike anything I have experienced including forged heads. They are very, very smooth.


These clubs aren't quite as forgiving as more game improvement designs like the companion Ping G25's. Thin hits will be punished for both trajectory and distance. These heads are more susceptible to unintentional player input as in fade or draw than a more forgiving design.


Overall, the Ping i25's are a very nice set of irons that would suit improving players right up to and including scratch golfers. They are quite forgiving for a thinner soled design and launch the ball easily. They are a progressive design with increasing blade length and off-set in the longer irons to aid in contact and directional control. The matching wedges offer a lot of playability for a cavity back design due to the sole's excellent turf interaction. Players that struggle with digging and/or squaring the club face at impact would be better served with a more forgiving design like the G25 with its wider sole and greater off-set.

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