Power Bilt Air Force One Air Foil 3 wood.


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Air Foil

The Power Bilt head is very well made from what I can see looking at the club ,and from hitting this club at the range. The club has a nice solid Sound to it when I hit the ball. The Matte Black head with the high gloss black shaft with a black grip makes for a nice looking club.


One of the first things I noticed about this fairway wood is that the head is decent size and it has a very traditional looking head shape. Not only is the head a nice size and shape but the top of the head is a solid color, in this case that’s a Mate Black finish. No unnecessary designs or company logos on top to mess up the look of the club. I also like the Black club face on this club. The reason I like the black face is that when I set the club down behind a White golf ball, it just sets up nicely and it looks good behind the ball. I do not know about anyone else, but for me a White ball centered in the middle of a Black club face just looks good and gives me a good feeling about my setup.

One of the design features of the new Air Foil woods are a set of channels built into both the top and the sole of the head to increase the trampoline effect of the head to increase the ball speed. The twin channels in the crown and sole of the head allow the club face to Flex backwards at impact with the ball, and then it can bounce back toward the target for a higher ball speed no matter what your club head speed might be. To add even more trampoline effect to the head, the head is pressurized with Nitrogen. When you combine the ability of the face to flex more due to the accordion like grooves in the sole and crown, with the pressurized head, you get about as much ball speed as possible to build into a club head design.

The woods come with a factory installed Fujikura designed 60 gram black graphite shaft as standard. You can also order the club with a tour like shaft upgrade for about $50.00 more. I got my 3 wood with the standard shaft in S flex and it’s speed rated from 90 to 105 MPH. I’m not sure what the spec are for the upgrade shaft, but it would be a good idea to check it out to see if it or the standard shaft would be the best fit for your game.

Head cover is both nice looking and very well designed. The sock comes down over about 8 inches of the shaft so both the head and the shaft are well protected when the club is in your golf bag.


I do not have any complaints about this new Air Foil fairway wood. For myself, I would like to see a heavier shaft in this head as I prefer to play my woods with a more tour like 85 gram shaft. This is MY personal choice and is NOT what most of the top OEM club makers are using in their woods.


The bottom line with any golf club is how it performs at the range and on the course. What I look for in a fairway wood is Good distance off the tee on short par 4’s. Add in a fair amount of forgiveness when I make a less than perfect swing. On top of that it’s nice to be able to get the ball UP in the air off the fairway when needed on long par 5 holes, and that just about makes me happy. going by my experience with factory built fairway woods, this new Air Foil 3 wood from Power Bilt has everything you would find from any of the top golf club makers in business today. Good feel at impact, good ball speed for my club head speed and a reasonable amount of forgiveness when I don’t do my part, is about all I can expect from an off the rack wood. The ONLY thing I plan to do with this 3 wood is to install MY personal favorite fairway wood shaft to get the launch angle up a few degrees to give me more carry distance from a higher ball flight from a longer hang time. I happen to have a new 85 gram fairway wood shaft in S flex on hand which should make this nice 3 wood just that much better for my game.

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