Review of Adams GT 303 (Drivers)


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GT 303

Titanium conforming COR head with the metal/graphite shaft. The club looks very cool.


This driver is plenty long, forgiving and seems to be very easy to hit well. It has a great combination of distance, forgiveness, accuracy and feel. I hit this straighter than my other 8 drivers. It is as long as my GBB w/AJ Tech shaft, while being higher in loft and much easier to hit straight. It makes a loud titanium ping when you whack the ball.


The BiMatrix shaft takes some getting used to the looks. I'm worried it will snap when I pound balls on the range. I'm not a fan of hook face drivers -- this isn't as bad as most.


A nicely balanced package. It's easy to hit this thing straight and long. It's the best combination of the two that I've used. I haven't tried many of the new drivers on the market, so I honestly can't compare. Compared to my Goldwins and Callaway drivers, this is my favorite and it was an outrageous bargain!

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