Review of Adams Tight Lies Tour Fairway Wood

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scott rushing
Tight Lies Tour Fairway Wood

Have been a few issues and complaints but in general Adams makes a quality product. Hopefully it's not the norm.


This is a great off the tee and from fairway and especially the rough. Good ball flight and shape

A good club to use off the tee as well. Balls seem to jump off the clubface. Hitting out of the rough is very easy and after a few swings you have a lot of confidence with the club. Mishits carry a long way as well.

it should be illegal to be so easy to hit. The ball just gets up and flies from all lies.


You will need to relearn your distances with this club.

Some have reported that the velocity slot cracked after some use, so durability could be an issue. The quality of the stock shaft has also been a complaint for some.


The Tightlies seems to be picking up where th eold one left off. Easy to hit from about any lie, the ball flies high and far. if you're looking for a new fairway wood for the turf or rough, this is one to consider.

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