Review of Avatar Evolution 3 (Fairway Woods)


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Evolution 3

Very well made club.


Very large foot print of this 3 wood gives me lots of confidence at address. Shallow face height is very good for hitting the ball off the ground. Good solid feel at impact with a nice click sound to it. Good distance and forgiveness for a 3 wood. Shallow face makes it easier to hit from the rough. Heel to toe length is more than most 3 woods I've hit, so that gives you a lot of room for error heel to toe wise.


Shallow face means you have to be careful off the tee as you have less margin for error up and down.


If you are looking for a good 3 wood with a shallow face height, this is one fairway wood you should check out. Very solid feel and sound at impact. Shallow face makes it easy to hit out of the rough, less resistance going through the taller grass. Best for hitting off the ground. Not as easy to hit off a tee as a taller face wood, but not too hard for a decent golfer. White crown looks really good sitting there behind the ball. Large foot prints makes me feel confident at address. Very good fairway wood at a very reasonable price. Check it out at

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