Review of Ben Hogan Apex Edge (Irons)


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Ben Hogan
Apex Edge

Excellent construction. The heads feel heavy, giving you a very confident feeling when you swing the club.


These are the best irons on the market, bar none. You often hear how certain irons will do wonders for your game...the Hogans live up to that claim. Since they are forged, the Hogan give such a wonderful feeling when you hit them. Even on mis hits, they still fly straight and long. I have gained a full iron in distance since using the Hogans. One owrd of caution - it is imperitive that you get fitted for your set. I am fairly tall - 6'1" but my arms are very long. I therefore had my irons (5 - 7) half and inch shorter and my short irons(8 - LW) a quarter inch less. It made all the difference in the world. I also recommend that you choose to take all 4 wedges(PW, FW, SW and LW). The FW is Hogan's Gap wedge. Instead of trying to half swing a club or overpower it when stuck inbetween distances, the 4 wedge system plays beautifully. I was also thinking of getting Rifle or Sensicore shafts in my irons - Don't! The Apex shaft (I took the #4 - stiff) does a great job. It has a low mid point so the ball gets in the air real fast, even in the long irons. My set starts at the 5 iron because I typically had problems with the 4,3 and 2 iron. Not any more! In fact I am looking to buy a 4 iron and a 2 iron and drop my 7 and 5 wood. I am now a 6 handicap and I love it!Try the new Hogans and you will never go back. You cannot get a better iron for the money.TK3


Nothing to write about!


The Hogan Apex Edge are worth every penny!

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