Review of Ben Hogan Edge Pro (Irons)


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Not nearly Tiger
Ben Hogan
Edge Pro

The Edge Pro feels very solid in your hands. The club is very well designed. As I said it is a very attractive club, that holds it's shimmer, even when you are in the tallest grass (believe me, I know). I have beat these clubs many times in frustration and they have held up. That says a lot about the quality and craftmenship of the Hogan brand.


This is an attractive looking set of irons at address and in the bag. I like the solid feel when you get a good hit.


The problem is I am not good enough to consistently get a good hit. These clubs are not very forgiving and I often have a hard time putting the ball where I want it to go. These clubs are not for beginners or basically anyone who is not Tiger Woods.


If I were a better player, I think these clubs would be great for me. On the rare times that I make solid contact, the ball goes farther than my previous set of irons. The problem is I am not good enough to make solid contact on a consistent basis with these clubs. I would recommend that if you do not consistently shoot in the low to mid 80's that you stay away from these clubs.

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