Review of Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver


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Scott Rushing
RAZR Fit Xtreme

Expect the typically good quality construction that Callaway is known for. Some owners have complained about an easy cracking on the clubface, but Callaway has replaced the clubheads under warranty, as they should. So expect a high quality club with the customer service to back it up when things go wrong


Callaway's second-generation adjustable driver offers different playing characteristics with each loft. The purpose is to better address the performance needs of players who typically use those lofts. For example, the higher the loft, the larger the head and the more draw bias the clubhead has. Each driver loft also features two movable weights and a hosel with three face-angle settings.

The OptiFit Hosel adjusts the face angle to an Open, Square, or Closed position at address to dial in the settings you want for improved accuracy and trajectory. The OptiFit Weights (13 grams and 1 gram) also shift the clubhead's CG to help you play a Draw or Neutral ball flight off the tee.

DISTANCE: Most testers get respectable output on best hits whereas a few guys see serious distance gains of 10+ yards.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Center strikes hold a tight, accurate line; marginal misses correct themselves nicely back to the target line.
FEEL: The composite crown and hot titanium face combine to create a deep, explosive thump at impact; well-balanced club; enough head weight makes it easy to track through the swing.
PLAYABILITY: Smaller head encourages shotmaking; two removable sole weights can be swapped around to dial in your desired ball flight; adjustability lets you take the left side of the course out of the equation.
LOOK: Traditional, compact shape that’s easy on the eyes; nice face graphic locates sweet spot; 440cc head has a smaller footprint than many others.

Some of the comments for golfers who've tested it say:

"This Driver is EXCELLENT! I was averaging 245-250 yards with the Optiforce 440 & 460, X-Hot Pro about 250 yds, but with the RAZR I averaged 260-270 with consistent 274-280 mixed in!"

"I love this driver. I have been to all the local stores and hit every driver out there, that I was interested in, from the new Slider, RBZ and R1, the G25, Razr X Black Ti and X Hot."

"Solid contact, penetrating ball flight and much better confidence. The flight is exactly what I wanted long and very predictable. I can hit a fade or a draw without working too hard. The extra 8 yards carry was a bonus over the RaZR fit 9.5 I was using. Lower Spin longer carry and a little more roll."


A few guys find that the stock shaft in their normal flex (either R or S) plays too soft; some would like to see a little bit more forgiveness; no alignment indicator on the crown; green-colored shaft isn’t for everyone.


Looks like another winner for Callaway Golf. Lots of adjustment options for the mid to high handicappers. Excellent distance ability and feel. Seems like a great club choice if you're looking to replace your driver.

Overall Rating: