Review of Callaway X-22 Tour (Irons)


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X-22 Tour

I was impressed with the look and feel of these clubs. They look real solid at address and have the feel of a quality club.


This set of irons is really one of the best sets of Calloway that I have hit yet. When testing them the pro was really up on the new technology that make these irons perform. Things like Precision Notch Weighting, Modified True Bore head design, and VFT technology. All I have to say is the long irons were easy enough to control that I left my 3H in the bag, the mid irons were a little longer than the Fusions but mainly I was able to control distance and work the ball with more consistency. The short irons really gave me my control back and since my putting is poor got me close enough to make a difference. I shot a season low 77.


If you're going to try these clubs do not waste time with the stock graphite shafted set. I tried them and did not like them at all. I felt the 899.99 MSRP was a bit high but they may be able to be purchased for less if you look around. The one thing I thought was strange since Phil Nicholson is their tour staff player is Callaway only makes a 45* Pitching wedge and a 56* sand wedge for lefties in this model. There should be a 52* in the set as well.


I would recommend these clubs for a 8 to 12 handicapper only because while they have a lot of technology to improve moment of inertia (MOI) to make up for those of us that do not hit the ball square all the time. They still give you a lot of feel to work the ball.

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